it’s all about the kid!

is it possible to fall in love with a child the 1st time you meet them?  YES!!

erin & i have been friends since 8th grade.  we’ve been through some amazing stuff together-both wonderful & horrible.  and this trip to colorado was especially special since i hadn’t talked to her in almost 5 years…  so much had changed!  erin is now married & a mommy!  brooke is one of the most precious little 4 year olds i have ever met!  by the end of my trip i was her best friend, “ditcha”, & she couldn’t wait for our next slumber party!  imagine MY heartbreak when i had to tell her i lived over 1,000 miles away & was going home the next day…  😦

again erin & josh, i stress that it is YOUR turn to make the trip!  the spare bedroom’s ready & waiting… for brooke-you guys can fight over the couch.

kisses & hugs brookey.  love to mommy & daddy.