to be a ludeman or not to be a ludeman…

one of my favorite parts of my trip to colorado was spending time with those crazy ludeman’s.  these people are never far from my thoughts (which can be quite distracting, i must say…).  i owe so much to rene, michael, robert, sara, colin, & even sami.  so many of the events of my life have been intertwined with theirs.  so a trip back to colorado, to me always means a fresh perspective & a renewing of faith from time spent with all of them.

i took my time exploring the depths of palmer park for a quirky spot to photograph this unique familia de ses while rene rushed around trying to get all of her children together at one time-nothing short of a circus at times i tell you…  so it was quite comical to be a part of the drama of trying to find sara 5 minutes before the shoot, & the story of colin trying some amazing feat on his skateboard just the day before only to biff & break his thumb, or hand, or some other bone that requires a bright blue cast to repair.

all in all though, the shoot was fantastic!  the weather was perfect; the lighting superb; the smiles bright.

i absolutely love being able to call this family, MY family.