.~.~.~. snapshots from greer, az .~.~.~.

“the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

ok, i admit; i am not a world traveler.  and i’ll admit, i haven’t gotten very far across the united states.  in fact, my travels haven’t gotten me further east than wyoming, il or strayed more west than san diego, ca.  nor does my list of destinations get much more exciting than the grand canyon, pike’s peak, mt. rushmore & the colossal caves.  but where i lack the portfolio of fancy destinations i make up for in the enjoyment of the simpler spots.  a lightening show from a rooftop in cave creek;  a gravestone of a loved one lost in colorado springs; a dormant volcano in flagstaff; a time spent reconnecting with family in toulon.  all these moments-though perhaps not monumental-are cherished in my simple portfolio of snapshots.

and now to add another.

a friend of mine invited me to a weekend spent in a cabin in the little town of greer, az.  though i hesitated a t first (what would my husband do without me?  how would the house cleaning get done?  and, which camera should i bring?), i found myself growing excited as the weekend drew nearer.  a couple days away from the phoenix heat was cause for excitement enough!  let alone the prospect of photographing new scenery & landscapes.

it was truly a wonderful weekend spent eating great food, playing competitive games of yahtzee & uno, & photographing some stunning images of the natural landscape that greer has to offer.  though we lost electricity a couple of times & had to rescue a mighty confused hummingbird from the floor-to-ceiling windows, all in all it was a fantastic time.

a wonderful statement of photography is that a good image does not have to be explained…