attorney anyone?

i generally shy away from shoots for working professionals.  they’re more often than not going for a certain look on a certain backdrop with a certain uniformity.  it’s just not my style.  but when professionals want to step out of the bounds a little bit & go for something that expresses personality & individuality a bit more, i’m all for it.
law office of berin a. fite was just such a client.  though i did bring along a couple different simple backdrops, i think the ‘caught-in-action’ shots turned out the best.

there’s always a time in your life when you look back on some major event & think, ‘could that have turned out better?’

it’s amazing all the things that can be missed after something major like a car accident.  Not only are you generally suffering from injuries & logging some precious time away from work, but you’re also fielding calls from the other driver’s insurance company.  That alone can be a daunting, stressful situation.  what should you do?  call your attorney right away.

the most important thing you can do for yourself & your family after an accident is work to get healthy again.  focus on that task better by trusting your case with an experienced, aggressive attorney.