~.~.~ new year’s weekend 2009 ~.~.~

i grew up in the outdoors.  i’ve been blessed to learn of the creatures of the desert, the splendor of a flash flood, the secrets of the mountains, the beauty of the uninterrupted night sky, by actually being around them.  so it’s even more of a bonus to be married to a man who has the same passion for being in the outdoors; albeit in a jeep, four-wheeling.  but i’m good with that too.

this past new year’s weekend we spent our time with family & friends at our usual stomping grounds; ‘the ranch’ off highway 74.  we spent 2 days changing flat tires, putting out engine fires, repairing drive shafts & plugging holes from missing axle housing plugs; all in the best of spirits.  it was a gorgeous weekend-why spoil it with foul moods?

here’s some of my favorite images.  enjoy.