angela & tom are engaged!

it’s funny to me that it seems like i’ve known angela & tom for years now; they’ve both been a part of 2 other weddings i’ve photographed.  so when angela told me they were engaged & they wanted me to photograph engagement & wedding, i felt that giddy excitement of photographing a friend’s event!  like i said, it’s like i’ve known them for years now!  🙂

so the time came late last month to do the engagement session.  and of course, what better place to photograph such a special time then at the place you were proposed to??  off to tempe town lake we went!  this will be the 1st time i’ll admit it probably wasn’t the perfect day for a shoot…  the temperature was great, but man!  that wind tested me!  all in all though, we made it work.  and it turned into the perfect engagement shoot.  must have something to do with the couple i was photographing.  🙂

thank you angela & tom.  you guys are a blast-can’t wait till march 2011!!  and a huge thanks to rachel hopkins & megan weir for the referral!  you ladies rock!