Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center

one of the most memorable experiences of my life thus far was a morning spent with the wolves of Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center in Divide, CO.  this was meant to be a surprise for my husband as we both absolutely adore wolves, but he quickly guessed what we were doing with my hastily given hints-though, it did little to lessen our excitement.

the day finally arrived.  not only had i booked the general tour of the place, but also a VIP experience where we actually would have the opportunity to sit in & interact with the wolves!  giddiness does not begin to describe how we felt on the drive there.

we went on an amazing tour of the facility, hearing all the stories & facts behind each wolf, coyote & fox who reside there, quickly falling in-love with each.  after the tour we headed over to one of the pens to spend some time with Nakai & Micah, 2 young playful male wolves.  oh! to be so close to these majestic animals & be greeted so openly was humbling!  i dare say my husband & i both would have sat there the rest of the day if allowed!  but of course, our time too quickly ended & we slowly made our way back down to colorado springs, talking of nothing but our morning & how amazing it would be to do something so selfless & humbling.  this experience will forever be a memorable one for my husband & i & we eagerly anticipate our next visit.

thank you to the staff & volunteers of CWWC for such an amazing day!  and thanks to mark for being such a great tour guide!
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