tavlarides’ christmas

“children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.”

~henry ward beecher

it’s funny to me at times the challenge of getting that ‘perfect family photo’ when the candids of the children are proving easier to capture than the family shots.  in all honesty, it really goes that way in all family sessions with young children-don’t let another photographer tell you different.  🙂  if the tavlarides kids were left to their own pleasures & discoveries, i could capture their genuine smiles & joy with ease.  so when it came time to gather up the children for that quick snapshot, it literally had to be as quick as possible; there was just too much to discover in our short time together!

all in all though, i’m pleased with the finally family shots.  i believe they capture personalities in their genuine state, even if the moments were fleeting.

thank you again, rachel & james for our session at dc ranch.  it’s such a pleasure spending time with you & your little ones!

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