jessica & josh say ‘i do!’

who: jessica prentice & josh gher

what: wedding & reception

where: tre bella; mesa, az

jessica & josh are the perfect example of balance in a relationship; she’s organized & stresses the details.  he steps in & calms her with a kiss.  she’s multi-tasking through the entire consultation; he’s smiling & caressing her hand, just to make her stop & smile.  he’s looking at his watch for the hundredth time; she’s kissing his cheek to remind him that time doesn’t matter in this moment.  she’s giving him a puzzle piece on their wedding day -the inside workings of their very own love story – & he’s assured she will love him forever, through thick & thin.  these are the two people that you can vividly picture at an old age, aware of nothing but their love for each other.  i. am. honored.

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