kwast family

who: kelly, joshua & brody kwast

what: family session

where: little random park instead of CCV campus where we had originally wanted to shoot; peoria, az

this session must not have been meant-to-be until august.  due to weather twice (or was it three times…) & due to high school services on ccv campus, this little family session was rescheduled & moved so many times i don’t remember what the original plan was.  so, we ended up at the little park (i can’t even recall the name-it’ll come to me JUST as soon as i publish this) across the street from ccv on a nice, hot, muggy august evening.  of course the very first thing any child sees when arriving at this park is the playground.  so instead of focusing evenly on family interaction & one-on-one time with little man, brody…. we spent a lot of time on little man brody.  but alas, sometimes those are the best UNintended photos.   🙂  here’s my favorites.

& a big thanks to kelly & joshua; your son is amazing & i thank you for your patience! i had fun!

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