How to make that wedding speech exceptional, not embarrassing

As a wedding photographer, I’ve heard my fair share of wedding day toasts.  And while I’ll shy away from the specifics, as I know many of you reading this have been past clients, I will be honest & let you know… it can be brutal.  And I don’t mean as the one giving the speech, but as the one hearing it.  So in an effort to avoid those uncomfortable, drunk, or otherwise embarrassing moments – at what could be up to this time the most important day of the bride & groom’s – I’ve compiled a few articles on how to prepare for your moment in the spotlight, aka ‘the speech’.

EWAM put together5 Tips on how to give a great wedding speech that, I think, is right on the money! Everything from Be Short & To The Point, to Smile – remember, there’s a photographer present! has put together a fantastic list of pointers when preparing your speech in this article, Toasting 101

This site has given a couple great tips as well as a few examples to use as your guideline.  Preparing & Delivering your wedding speech.

When all else fails….. bring some humor into it.  Here’s a great best man/brother speech.

Hope this helped!  Best of luck!!  🙂

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a wonderful toast given by the bride’s father at this beautiful Tre Bella wedding in Mesa, Arizona