Unique bridal party gift ideas

All the amazing effort you’re putting into your wedding will be well remembered!  The centerpieces & bridal bouquets, the handmade invitations, the carefully selected menu…  But maybe one of the biggest oversights could be the bridal party gifts.  Think about it; this guys & gals have spent a lot of time with you, pouring over the details & giving their gentle advice where needed (& depending on your crowd, maybe where it’s NOT needed).  What better way to thank them then some special attention to a great wedding gift?

Here are some amazing, different ideas for gifts to give your bridesmaids, courtesy of theknot.com

Don’t forget the guys; realsimple.com put together a list of 14 unique gifts for the guys.

Here’s a wonderful link to an article written by Martha Stewart Weddings on great gifts for the groomsmen!

And another link for the bridesmaids!  I especially love the stackable rings!!


gorgeous totes for your ladies!  Courtesy of brides.com

il_fullxfull.369655405_ect0a unique eternity necklace, courtesy of etsy.com

bm-recycledbridebridal clutches in your colors.  Photo via recycledbride.com

gm-absoluteuniquegiftsengraved pocket watches are coming back! Photo via absoluteuniquegifts.com

Bridal-party-gift-ideasphoto via wedding-splendor.com