10 Non-traditional wedding ideas

It seems like more & more brides & grooms are striving towards a wedding event that touches on personal & unique.  Gone are the days of the generational wedding dress & ceremonial officiant (thanks to a quick online application & small fee, anyone can marry you now!).  Most even ditch the church & look for new ways to showcase their once-in-a-lifetime ceremony.  With an entertaining perusing of google, I’ve found my favorite weddings that stand out as creative, unique, fun & amazing.  These are my favorites.

How about a “picnic” wedding (this has to be my favorite!)?

Roller skates?  Yes please.

How about a green wedding dress?

Maybe a pinecone bouquet signifies….. your…. love for each other?? Err…

HOLY PEACOCK TRAIN!!!!  You know you want to go to THIS dress fitting!!

Ooo!  A little bit o’ neon creates a romantic glow!

A Robin Hood inspired wedding….. Ummm… She has a bow & arrow… Is this safe?

Another goldie!  Horseshoes & Barrel rolling!!! You know you wanna!

Oh my gosh, this one’s got it all!  Lightsabers, stick horses, tight rope walking…. I wanna be a guest to this one!!

Aaaaaand… toy guns.  Who can pass on popping of some shots at a wedding?!

Okay okay, so some of these are waaaay out there…. But you got to admit, the picnic wedding is awesome.  🙂