A Pre-Wedding Father|Daughter Dance

a reblog from {Smart Inspiration} by Stacie Francombe

{Smart Inspiration}: Father-Daughter Dance, Pre-Wedding

August 8, 2013 | by Stacie Francombe

Many of us have the often tough task of helping our couples pay tribute to parents and loved ones no longer with us during the wedding day, wanting to do something special and meaningful for them in their absence. In the case of Rachel Wolf, she will have a video of her father-daughter dance ready and waiting when the big day finally comes. Not even engaged, Rachel knew that her dad, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given just months to live, wouldn’t make it to dance with her on her wedding day. So, with the help of friends and fam, she got a dress, hair, makeup, a tux and a photographer and had her first dance with her dad. When it finally comes time for her to say “I do,” she will be able to watch her father-daughter dance and have the video play at her wedding, a touching tribute to her father, while giving them both a beautiful memory together before the day when he is no longer here.

Get out the tissues and take a moment to watch this incredible father-daughter dance.