My favorite 5 honeymoon destinations on a budget

The honeymoon is a glamorous dream for some, especially those brides & grooms paying for the wedding themselves. But with careful planning & a creative budget, a honeymoon doesn’t have to be scratched completely.  Here are some great destinations to consider!

Sedona, Arizona

Who says a honeymoon has to be a ‘destination’?  We’ve got breathtaking & peaceful right in our own Arizona backyard!

cathedral rock, sedona arizona

Yellowstone, Wyoming

If you’re the outdoorsy type, what better way to spend some close-quarter time as newly weds than in the wilderness of Wyoming?  With so many package options, it’d be easy to put together a budget-friendly outing with the amenities!


Oahu, Hawaii

If you’re staying in Honolulu, you can snag a room at the swanky four-star Hawaii Prince hotel for less than $150 a night! If that’s a little high, check out the three-star Wakiki Gateway hotel, which goes for less than $100!

budget honeymoon destinations


Wait wait wait!  Don’t check out!  It’s on the list for a reason.  🙂  A stay on the main isle in Nadi might cost you $111 a night for a mountain-view spa room at the Anchorage Beach Resort, including continental breakfast every day, plus free use of canoes, kayaks, and snorkeling gear.  Just because it’s Fiji doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt.


Yucatan Peninsula

The average price of a hotel room has plunged across the Yucatan during spring and summer. Five-star hotels generally offer the deepest discounts.