Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Veil

A veil;

Grandma says yes, it’s traditional!  Mom says it’s your decision with that look in her eye that truly signifies that yes, you need a veil.  Made of Honor rolls her eyes & makes the finger-down-the-throat gesture – with her back turned of course; no one wants to offend granny.  So what do you do?  Well, first off reconsider your invite list to the next dress fitting…. Then take a breath & relax.  It’s not a decision that has to be anybody’s but yours.  Here’s some of my favorite images of various veil alternatives to help you decide.

wedding veil birdcage, the birdcage, birdcage veil

Allen-Perry wedding-379veil alternatives, wedding veil alternatives

hair floral, wedding hair floral, flowers in the hair

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