Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Today, a traditional wedding is something of that past.  Between divorce & remarriage, brides & grooms hosting themselves, brides &/or grooms with children, or even bilingual couples, the wording of those wedding invitations definitely needs to be something non-traditional.  Besides, it’s more fun trying to come up with something original that matches your vibe.

A few unique samples:

Jake and Teresa invite you to celebrate the marriage of their parents 
Gloria Pirelli 
John Binder
Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. Girl & Dr. Jim Boycall for the contentment of your companyat the marriage of

Mysi Girl & Craig Boy

on Saturday, the eleventh of July, two-thousand & nine at half-past five in the evening
Dress as you wish, dine as you like, dance as you please

further details & a few cute photos at wedding website

[RSVP postcard wording:]

Please join us for dinner, dancing & dalliance!
Kindly RSVP by date

attending: ______

name(s): ______________

Please choose one:
__ accept with pleasure
__ decline with regret
__ accept with regret
__ decline with pleasure

You are totally invited to the wedding of
Girl & Boy


Sunday, the twenty-seventh of September
two thousand and nine
at five in the evening


ceremony followed by dinner, drinks, and awkward but enthusiastic dancing

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Here’s a wonderful website that helps with wording, depending on the circumstance.

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