Avoiding Reception Disasters

No wedding is perfect.  And if you go into yours with that mindset, it’ll help diffuse the unforeseen problems & allow you to enjoy the day for what it is; a union of you & your fiancé.  But… here are a few common Reception disasters & how to avoid them…. along with a few crazy stories to laugh about & then get back to your planning after thanking God you don’t have THAT family/bridal/party/significant other (or, do you??…).

Picky Eaters

Q. How do I accommodate all the vegans, diabetics, Kosher-keepers, people with food allergies or who are on Atkins or South Beach, and the just-don’t-like-exotic-food types?

A. It’s impossible to foresee every single wedding guest’s dietary needs and preferences. Your best bet is to choose one or two basic meat entrees and one meat-free entree, which will make vegetarians, dieters and picky eaters alike happy. Or consider having a buffet- or family-style meal that includes a variety of foods that will please everyone’s palate, and let guests choose what they would like to and are able to eat. And remember that most people with specific food requirements don’t expect special treatment when they attend a wedding.


Unwanted and Uninvited Guests

Unwanted guests can turn your happy event into a drama fest of ex-girlfriends and estranged friends. You can keep some uninvited guests out simply by guarding your privacy. Don’t include every detail of your event on your wedding website. Instead, keep those details strictly on your wedding invitations. If you don’t want to run the risk of strangers wandering into your event, don’t hold your ceremony or reception in a public space.

Be aware that it’s not unusual for your guests to bring along extra guests. In some cases, this can be extremely disruptive. For example, if you decided to not invite children and a friend brought her children, you may suddenly find yourself with a babysitting nightmare. In these situations, the best you can do is just delegate someone else to deal with the problem.


Pulling Out The Wallet

How much do guests dislike cash bars? Just watch wedding planner David Tutera’s reaction when we asked him about them and see for yourself.

How to deal: All the pros are in agreement that cash bars are a major no-no. You’d never ask a guest to pay for a drink in your own home, so why should the wedding be any different? However, that doesn’t mean you have to fork over the cash for an open bar if you can’t afford it. Tutera recommends serving a limited selection of wine, beer and champagne or a couple of signature drinks.


The Mishap: A Long (and Boring!) Speech

Our best man got heckled during his toast. He just kept going on and on and on. My husband’s grandma told him to hurry up because they were hungry. And another member of my husband’s family made a few comments during his toast as well. I guess they didn’t get that it wasn’t open-mike night. — vitaminc28

Prevent It: If you’re worried that someone in your bridal party might give a lengthy toast or if you have a lot of speeches scheduled throughout the reception, try to give them a cutoff point ahead of time. Just be polite about it: “I don’t want you to stress about giving a long toast at the reception, so please don’t worry about talking for more than two or three minutes.”


And as promised, some wild, crazy & downright terrible wedding stories!

The cowboy-themed wedding that was interrupted by real armed cops

Revellers wielding toy guns at a cowboy-themed wedding anniversary party got a nasty shock when armed police raided their venue. Roy and Val Worthington, from Castle Donington in Leicestershire, were celebrating renewing their vows with friends and family in a local pub when a police helicopter and cars with armed officers and a police dog descended on the party.A member of the public had called the county’s force after spotting a man walking down the street with what appeared to be a rifle over his shoulder. In fact, the weapon was a toy and the man was headed for the Worthingtons’ silver wedding anniversary event at their local pub, The Moira Arms.The Leicestershire force defended their actions. A spokesman said: “The police helicopter was already in the area at the time and assisted with the incident. No action was taken against anyone at the party”. (Link)

Horse ran roughshod over her big day

Sophie Clarke, 29, of England spent three years planning a fairy-tale wedding that included a $3,000 dress, handmade invitations and a horse-drawn carriage.

But during the carriage ride to the church with her father, Clarke almost lost her life.

The horse got spooked and bolted, throwing the driver and his assistant from the carriage and leaving no one at the helm.

As the horse sped into the pathway of an oncoming truck, Clarke’s father pushed his daughter from the carriage and jumped out after her. Clarke was left badly injured with a concussion and covered with blood.

In January, six weeks after the accident, she eventually married her fiancé in a much more intimate ceremony.

“I had a life-changing experience,” Clarke told the Daily Mail. “It put into perspective for me that all of the fancy things, the posh invites and parties are not important. The only important thing is becoming Karl’s wife.”

You may not touch the bride

Sure, the bride and the groom had endured their share of troubles. They had even been married once before, and she had once gotten an order of protection against him. But should that really stand in the way of their second wedding?

Well, when the pair tried to tie the knot in New York last summer, groom Timothy Cole was arrested and charged with first-degree criminal contempt for being too close to the bride.

The arrest probably wouldn’t have happened if Cole hadn’t quarreled with one of the wedding guests.

When police arrived, they recognized Cole from his previous arrests and his past clashes with the bride.

and my favorite…

Gulp! I swallowed the ring!

Image: X-ray showing wedding ring

Reed Harris put a lot of thought into how he would pop the question to the love of his life, Kaitlin Whipple.

In the end, he decided to hide the engagement ring in a Wendy’s Frosty milk shake and let her discover it.

She reached the end of the milk shake, and — uh-oh. No ring. It took an X-ray to make Whipple believe Harris’ urgent story about what had happened.

Once Whipple was in possession of the X-ray image of the ring inside her, Harris dropped to one knee and proposed.

Yes, Whipple did manage to retrieve the ring, clean it and wear it.