Preparing for Wedding Day Emergencies

Every wedding comes with its own bumps & bruises.  The combination of so much planning & so many family & friends in one location can only culminate in a few minor disasters.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for a few!  Here’s a collection of a few tips to help keep that wedding day flowing smoothly!


Schaffer’s bridal offers these tips:

On the day of your wedding, it is important that you remember to have a pair of needle nose pliers, safety pins, and a needle and thread on hand in case your dress is stepped on or your bustle breaks and you need to make an emergency fix.

It is also good to have an emergency kit including Tylenol, band-aids, bobby pins, needle and thread, shout wipes and a nail file, just to name a few.

Have double sided tape on hand at the wedding for an easy repair in case your dress gaps.

funweddingdayphotos-1 funweddingdayphotos-5 funweddingdayphotos-7 always has great advice:

Streamline the Family Photos

Don’t waste time trying to get every last combo of grandparents, siblings, and cousins. Invariably your little nephews will run off, his grandmother will get tired of waiting, and everyone will end up frustrated. Instead, put together a short(!) list of the must-have family shots you want (like the two of you with your immediate families) and then take one big family photo with everyone in it. Do it this way and you not only buy yourselves more time at the reception, you also free up your photographer to capture the more candid shots from the day.

Don’t Sweat the Little Things

While it’s totally fine to show your photographer the types of shots you like, it’s even more important that you’re flexible the day-of. So if it rains and you can’t get that sunny shot of you in a field, grab big umbrellas and a pair of bright yellow rain boots and trust your photographer to find the right shot. Same goes for your schedule: If you’re stuck in traffic between the ceremony and reception and don’t have time to hit up all your favorite city sites with your bridal party, pick a few favorites and move on. Trust your photographer to keep you on-schedule, to frame the shots, and to know what will look best — remember, that’s why you hired them! 

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EWAM thinks of it all:

Legal: Put your marriage license in your shoe box – you need them both to walk down the aisle.

Lighter & Bottle Opener: Remember a lighter (for unity candle) or a bottle opener (wine ceremony).

Straw: Have a straw for drinking so you don’t mess up your lips.

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Above all remember; this is just a wedding.  It’s the first day of a marriage – of a life together with the one you proclaim your love to.  Brides, be respectful to your grooms.  Grooms, be loving to your brides.  Some tension is to be expected, but don’t let it get in the way of the bigger picture of you two becoming one.  Remember why you decided to take this leap in the first place!

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