The Wedding Album: Do I Really Need One?


One of the most heartbreaking things I hear from my brides & grooms is that they’d rather skip the wedding album; ‘it’s too old fashion’, ‘too expensive’, ‘not enough time to design’, etc etc etc…  But when looking at the bigger picture of your wedding story, the investment in the album is the cherry on top of the whole shebang!  It’s the finishing touch of all the hard work you’ve poured into this beautiful wedding day.  Here are just some of the reasons to consider when deciding on your own wedding album.

Emmaline Bride says:

You’ve spent many, many months planning the biggest day of your life. Yes, weddings can get expensive, but one funny place brides decide to cut back on is their wedding album. Why? Modern technology now lends itself to more do-it-yourself approaches (some photographers offer digital copies of all images so brides can print and design albums from home)… but nothing beats a high-quality wedding album.

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Orange County Wedding Services is noted as saying:

 If you are spending what most couples are (average 10% of your total wedding budget) on your photographer and your budget is over $15K – the answer is ABSOLUTELY.

Most couples have every intention of ordering an album in the future or trying to design one themselves to cut down cost. Unfortunately it usually remains undone.

For the few that do follow through, one of two things may possibly go wrong – they order the album from an online consumer company like “Snapfish”, “Ophoto” or “walmart” which is not to say they are bad companies – they target a particular market and are great for point and shoot camera keepsakes, or Christmas gifts. However, they do not specialize in wedding albums and are not meant to be used for professional printing. Basically, they are not calibrated to your photographer’s monitor or equipment, which will affect the overall quality of the photographs and the color balance. They also do not offer the high-end albums which are very important to the wedding couple and their families.

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Ryan & Denise Photography give these 5 important reasons for choosing an album:

1.) A wedding album tells your story.

2.) It’s a work of art.

3.) It’s your first family heirloom.

4.) It’s made to stand the test of time.

5.) You’ll wish you had.