Erin + Ben :: wedding story


There are those kind of people that come into your life & leave such an impact that you can’t help but gravitate toward them.  Erin & Ben are just such those people to me.  Between their infectious adoration for each other & all the common interests we shared, I couldn’t help but enjoy all the time we’ve had together over the last year, photographing their amazing love story.  They are those clients that turn into true friends once the camera’s put away.

So here’s the final piece of their wonderful wedding story; the wedding itself.  I hope you enjoy the tale!

For Erin & Ben’s Oak Creek engagement session, click here.

The talents that brought this together:
venue: Regle! Weddings – Receptions – Events
caterer & baker: Put A Fork In It Catering
dress: Amy Bridal
officiant: Randy Helm
hair: Gemini of Chicago Salon

Here are a few of my favorite images

2013-11-19_0001 Erin & her bridesmaids were gorgeous in their cowgirl boots!

2013-11-19_0002 2013-11-19_0003

It wasn’t much of a challenge to get Ben’s groomsmen to pose for me.  Such an awesome group!2013-11-19_0004 2013-11-19_0005 2013-11-19_0006 2013-11-19_0007 2013-11-19_0008 2013-11-19_0009 2013-11-19_0010 2013-11-19_0011 2013-11-19_0012 2013-11-19_0013 2013-11-19_0014 a quick stop at Grimaldi’s for refreshments before finishing our bridal party formals.  🙂2013-11-19_0015 2013-11-19_0016 2013-11-19_0017 Yea, & the girls were pretty easy to get goofing around too.  I don’t think I prompted this shot in the slightest!2013-11-19_0018 2013-11-19_0019 2013-11-19_0020 2013-11-19_0021 2013-11-19_0022 2013-11-19_0023 This might just be one of my favorites; Dad handing off his daughter.  Oh! that look!  Such a pivotal moment!2013-11-19_0024 2013-11-19_0025 2013-11-19_0026 2013-11-19_0027 2013-11-19_0028 2013-11-19_0029 2013-11-19_0030 2013-11-19_0031 2013-11-19_0032 2013-11-19_0033 2013-11-19_0034 2013-11-19_0035 2013-11-19_0036 2013-11-19_0037 2013-11-19_0038 2013-11-19_0039 2013-11-19_0040 2013-11-19_0041 2013-11-19_0042 2013-11-19_0043 2013-11-19_0044 2013-11-19_0045 2013-11-19_0046 2013-11-19_0047 2013-11-19_0048 2013-11-19_0049 2013-11-19_0050 2013-11-19_0051and they lived happily ever after…