Shannon + Matt :: wedding story


Every once in a while there comes a time when I’m sad to photograph a wedding.  It sometimes means the last time I get to work with an amazing client or couple.  Shannon & Matt’s wedding was that event for me.  Over the past 8 months I’ve spent some amazing moments with these two, between our consults, a stunning Spur Cross engagement session & Shannon’s steamy boudoir shoot, I feel as if we’ve become fast friends.  So it was a bittersweet Arizona wedding day for me, though it was also one of my favorites.

Shannon & Matt spent their morning prepping at Zona Hotel in North Scottsdale before heading over to The Boulders Resort to be married at Promise Rock.  The day was so absolutely breathtaking that I couldn’t imagine NOT photographing a wedding on such a day.  Between the slightly overcast skies & perfect Arizona fall temperatures, there was nothing left for want.  The hilltop sunset was perfectly splendid as we completed our family & bridal party formals.  After sunset, we headed off to Regale in DC Ranch for their ‘champagne & silver’ Reception.  Everything was simply, perfect.

So while it’s with a bit of sadness as I quickly come to the end of my editing on this wedding, I’m also extremely satisfied to present such amazing images of an amazing couple.  Shannon & Matt, you’re absolutely wonderful.  Thank you for such an amazing day!  I truly enjoyed it.

for Shannon & Matt’s e-session, click here.

The talents that brought this together:
hotel accommodations: Zona Hotel & Suites
hair: Midge Castro of Prova Salon
ceremony: Promise Rock at The Boulders
reception: Regle! Weddings – Receptions – Events
master of ceremony & DJ: Mark Sanchez of PME
florist: Cactus Flower
caterer & baker: Put A Fork In It Catering
dresses: Azteca Bridal

Here’s their story

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