Sara + Bill :: wedding story


Every wedding is unique in some detail or experience.  Every wedding has its very own specialness.  Every wedding offers its own level of emotions & expressions of love.  But Sara & Bill’s wedding this Valentine’s Day was a first experience for me in one very special way.

I met with Sara late last year for our consult & knew right away that she’d experienced her own kind of hell some time not in the too distant past.  Her hair was cut in a very short style & the port on her chest was not easily disguised.  At first, I struggled to find much level of excitement from her discussing wedding day details.  After a while she explained to me why; Sara has been diagnosed with a late stage cancer that even with treatment offers a bleak future.  One can only imagine how hard it would be to find excitement in wedding planning when planning a treatment schedule & balancing a busy home life takes priority.

Nevertheless, the wedding day was a beautiful celebration in a subtle way.  The soft details of her wedding gown to the simple elegance of red roses made for a very romantic setting.  The overall tone was one of commemoration in spite of circumstance.  Sara & Bill spent their evening with close friends & family, focusing not on Sara’s diagnosis, but on the union & love that brought them together before any rumor of cancer touched their lives.  For that reason – the gracefulness, the romance & the compassion of the evening – this wedding was an experience for me that I will cherish.

The talents that brought this together:
venue: Tre Bella Wedding & Events
dress: Mariee Gallery
florals: Blume Events
caterer: Jacs Catering
baker: Phoenix Cake Co

Here’s their story

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