10 favorite Arizona engagement session locations!

Arizona offers some of the most beautiful backdrops for a breathtaking engagement session.  Everything from lakes & cityscapes to red rocks & snowy forests.  Whether you’re looking for rustic, modern, boho, shabby chic, goth, trendy… Arizona’s got it, somewhere.

So, I’m here to help!  This is a list of my top 10 favorite locations to shoot engagement sessions!


   The traditional Mexican village feel of the storefronts to the pebble walkways shaded by old sycamores in Tlaquepaque offer such an exceptional & unique vibrancy that it’s not a location to be ignored when considering your engagement session.  No matter the time of year, this is a beautiful spot to visit.

2014-03-20_0010 2014-03-20_0011

South Mountain hiking trails

   The Desert Classic Trail of South Mountain offers some exceptional sunsets highlighting the Arizona desert at its finest.  The trail itself is easy to navigate.  For an engagement session though, one doesn’t have to travel far on the trail to find that golden spot.  Plus, Arizona Grand Golf Resort i just up the road to offer a diverse selection of backdrops!

2014-03-20_0012 2014-03-20_0013

Vistancia Community

   Vistancia offers a beautiful array of diversity when looking for a desert, rustic feel to your images.  Between the waterfalls at the main entrance to the grassy park & stunning buildings at any of the community centers, you’ll be quite satisfied with the options.

2014-03-20_0014 2014-03-20_0015

DC Ranch

One of perhaps the most popular spots in all the valley to have a photo session would have to be DC Ranch.  This shopping center in North Scottsdale offers everything from rustic & modern, concrete & steel to deserts & parks, tunnels, stairwells & beautiful lighting for those night shots.  There truly is nothing left to want when shooting here.

2014-03-20_0020 2014-03-20_0021 2014-03-20_0022 2014-03-20_0023 2014-03-20_0024

Verrado Community

Another stunning community nestled against the White Tanks, Verrado is something definitely unique in its own right.  With a modern village feel complete with front porch homes in a small town atmosphere complete even with a town square in the middle of it all, Verrado meets the wishes of something a bit different than desertscapes & traditional Arizona vibes.

2014-03-20_0025 2014-03-20_0026 2014-03-20_0027 2014-03-20_0028

Mesa Arts Center

Here’s a location that’s truly one of a kind.  Modern architecture & texture offers diversity in colors & feel for the entire engagement session.  From water features to a ‘scaly’ fish-like wall that glimmers on a breezy day, Mesa Arts center fits the bill as one of my favorites, for sure!  

2014-03-20_0029 2014-03-20_0030 2014-03-20_0031 2014-03-20_0032 2014-03-20_0033

Oak Creek hiking trail

Sometimes an engagement session can be extra special just by the draw of getting out of Phoenix for the day.  Oak Creek offers that escape.  A nice drive north & then a jaunt down to the creek leaves you in the heart of one of the most photographed places in the world, Cathedral Rock.

2014-03-20_0034 2014-03-20_0035 2014-03-20_0036 2014-03-20_0037 2014-03-20_0038

Tempe Town Lake

   But leaving town isn’t always an option.  So why not head to just about the middle of the valley for a modern-day lake session?  Tempe Town Lake offers so much more than just the lake.  Between the ultra modern buildings to the truly colorful city park & even a walk south down Mill Ave, your engagement session will be thoroughly enjoyed if by nothing more than the sights & sounds.

2014-03-20_0039 2014-03-20_0040

Spur Cross hiking trail

 Heading north to the town of Cave Creek, & then just another 5 miles out from there brings you to a beautiful little creek bed called Spur Cross.  Surrounded by a mix of beautiful cottonwoods, maples, sahuaros & rocks, the scenery really offers quite a bit even while being in the heart of the desert.  Whether the creek is flowing or not, this is still a beautiful spot.

2014-03-20_0041 2014-03-20_0042 2014-03-20_0043

McDowell Mountain Preserve

 Apparently there’s a theme of hiking going on in my list.  🙂  McDowell Mountain is definitely a location not to be ignored when looking for authentic Arizona vibe in your images.  With the McDowell Mountains to the east & a sunset to the west, there’s no way a poor photo could be taken at a location like this.

2014-03-20_0044 2014-03-20_0045 2014-03-20_0046

So there you have it!  My 10 favorite places in Arizona to shoot engagement sessions!  I hope this blog has helped narrow your search!  Please feel free to leave comments on any of your favorite locales!!