Kim + Dylan :: wedding story


What an absolute joy it was to work with Kim & Dylan(& their absolutely hilarious wedding party)!  Kim repeatedly expressed the importance of the final images & opted for not only the first look & a large part of our day spent at DC Ranch Marketstreet to add variety to our formals, but also for a 2nd wedding day photographer due to the larger bridal part & multiple site wedding day.  Excellent choice!  Because of these decisions, we ended up with final wedding images like this…


You wouldn’t know it, but we’re getting ready in a public restroom in the middle of DC Ranch.  Cute right?!

2014-04-07_0006 2014-04-07_0007 2014-04-07_0008 2014-04-07_0009

… if they only knew…  Sometimes it’s the shot you’re not looking for that makes the story come together.  🙂2014-04-07_0010

2014-04-07_0011 2014-04-07_0012


Dylan, THIS is why I love first looks!  You’re expressions & tangible excitement in seeing Kim for the very first time in that gorgeous wedding gown is why these images work out so perfectly.  <<swoon>>2014-04-07_00162014-04-07_00172014-04-07_00182014-04-07_00192014-04-07_0014


I’d hire this bridal party for every wedding.  Seriously, they were hilarious.  
2014-04-07_0020 2014-04-07_0021 2014-04-07_0022 2014-04-07_0023 2014-04-07_0024 2014-04-07_0025 2014-04-07_0026 2014-04-07_0027 2014-04-07_0028 2014-04-07_0029 2014-04-07_0030

Of course, the wedding ceremony was held on the gorgeous course of McDowell Mountain Golf Club on the windiest day Scottsdale – perhaps all of Arizona – has had so far this year…  Nestled against a mountain & on open ground makes for hurricane force winds.  You wouldn’t know it though by the lack of stress  general carefree-manner of Kim.  She was amazing!!2014-04-07_0031 2014-04-07_0032

I love this shot so much!!!  I don’ usually get the attention of the groom just as ceremony’s starting, but Dylan looked back, right into the lens as Kim started down the aisle.  His excitement was contagious!  ❤2014-04-07_0033 2014-04-07_0034 2014-04-07_0035 2014-04-07_0036

ahhhh…. sibling fun!2014-04-07_0039 2014-04-07_0040

David & I seriously could not take a bad shot of these two if we tried.  So much love & gorgeousness wrapped in one wedding!2014-04-07_0041 2014-04-07_0042 2014-04-07_0043 2014-04-07_0044 2014-04-07_0045 2014-04-07_0046 2014-04-07_0047 2014-04-07_0048 2014-04-07_0049 2014-04-07_0050 2014-04-07_0051 2014-04-07_0052 2014-04-07_0053 2014-04-07_0054 2014-04-07_0055 2014-04-07_0056 2014-04-07_0057 2014-04-07_0058 2014-04-07_0059 2014-04-07_0060 2014-04-07_0061 2014-04-07_0062 2014-04-07_0063 2014-04-07_0064

Congratulations again Kim & Dylan!  Thank you so much for allowing me the honor of being a part of your AMAZING wedding!  Even with the insane wind, it was simply, perfect.  You both are an absolutely gorgeous couple & I wish you many years of blissful marriage!  Cheers!

The talents that brought this together:
ceremony & reception:  McDowell Mountain Golf Club 
formal location: DC Ranch Marketplace
officiant: Cindy Felton
florist: Butterfly Petals
hair: Gemini of Chicago-Lisa
master of ceremony & DJ: Bolt Entertainment
baker: Sweets Unlimited
dress: Lulu’s Bridal of Dallas