Heather + Ricky :: wedding story


Heather’s in real estate.  Ricky’s in manufacturing.  They’ve spent the last 4 years wrapping their lives into one.

Ricky comes off as the very shy, quiet guy.  Heather is stunningly sweet & all smiles.  Ricky lights up any time she’s near.

Heather & Ricky share their home with a beautiful boxer named Emma.  Emma has had a huge part of their lives, including being a part of Ricky’s proposal to Heather.  So sweet!

Here’s their story

2014-04-12_0001 2014-04-12_0002 2014-04-12_0003

Heather’s father passed away when she was a little girl, but she still felt it important that he was there, in a fashion, to walk her down the aisle.  So she wore a small pendant with his photo on her dress.  Something discreet & quiet, full of meaning.  I loved it.2014-04-12_0004 2014-04-12_0005

Since Emma has become that fur child for Ricky & Heather, it only made sense to have her a part of the ceremony.  She had her own florals & everything!

Ricky gifted gorgeous Swarovski Crystal earrings & a bracelet to heather that she only too eagerly wore for her special day.2014-04-12_0007 2014-04-12_0008 2014-04-12_0009

Sleek & trim in a gray fitted suit with a vibrant purple tie, Ricky looked oh-so dapper waiting for Heather at their first look.2014-04-12_0010 2014-04-12_0011 2014-04-12_0012 2014-04-12_0013

My biggest challenge at this wedding had to be the height of the groom & best man!  I swear, they’re at least 8 feet tall!  I’m typically one of the tallest people present with the bridal party…  These two made me work hard to get the angles right!
2014-04-12_0014 2014-04-12_0015

2014-04-12_0016 2014-04-12_0017 2014-04-12_0018

Every photographer has a favorite image from a wedding.  Typically it’s one that may be overlooked by others; one that has nothing to do with who’s in the photo or how it’s posed.  It instead breathes a moment of life all on it’s own, tells it’s own story or captures a moment filled with simple beauty.  This is that photo for me.  Heather simply, casually looked around at her gorgeous bridesmaids as we walked from one spot to another & the look on her face of pure & simple joy was what caused me to quickly snap away. This.  This is why I love what I do.

2014-04-12_0019 2014-04-12_0020 2014-04-12_0021 2014-04-12_0022

I’m not sure who walked who down the aisle, but they all made it in one piece, with no grass stains.  🙂2014-04-12_0023

Heather & Ricky’s grandmothers played an extra-special role in their wedding day; they graced the wedding party with their laughter & beauty as well as honored the aisle with a truly unique role as flower girls–er ladies.. Women.  Flower Grandmas??   2014-04-12_0024

Heather’s little brother did such an exceptional job at his role of waiting for Heather & walking her down that aisle to an awaiting groom!
2014-04-12_0025 2014-04-12_0026 2014-04-12_0027 2014-04-12_0028 2014-04-12_0029 2014-04-12_0030 2014-04-12_0031 2014-04-12_0032 2014-04-12_0033 2014-04-12_0034

This might be my second favorite image….  It speaks its own beginning…  🙂
2014-04-12_0035 2014-04-12_0036 2014-04-12_0037 2014-04-12_0038 2014-04-12_0039 2014-04-12_0040 2014-04-12_0041 2014-04-12_0042 2014-04-12_0043 2014-04-12_0044 2014-04-12_0045 2014-04-12_0046 2014-04-12_0047 2014-04-12_0048 2014-04-12_0049 2014-04-12_0050 2014-04-12_0051 2014-04-12_0052

Heather & Ricky, it truly was SUCH an honor to spend your wedding day with you!  I’ve loved every moment I’ve had with the both of you & all of your families!  I wish you both many blessings & true joy in the moments that life brings you!


The talents that brought this together:
ceremony & reception: Regale! Wedding & Receptions
officiant: Robert Watson
florist : Avant Garde Florist
hair & makeup: Dolce Salon & Day Spa, Brittany & Kara
master of ceremony & DJ: Mark Sanchez of PME
videography: DHC Videography
caterer & baker: Put A Fork In It Catering
dress: Wedding Villas-Gilbert