Cindy + Joseph :: wedding story


Cindy & Joseph describe themselves as homebodies.  They love nothing more than being home with their kids & spending time as a family.  They’ve been together over 11 yeas & met when they were just kids through work.  I’d say that’s a pretty solid foundation to build a marriage upon.

Here’s their wedding story

2014-04-28_0001 2014-04-28_0002

Cindy & Joseph went for simple elegance with soft grays & diamond accents.  2014-04-28_0003 2014-04-28_0004 2014-04-28_0005

We started our day with an intimate moment with just the bride & groom; a first look is always an experience filled with excitement, nervousness & anticipation. So much emotion rolled into just a simple few moments.  And such a beautiful way to start the wedding day.2014-04-28_0006 2014-04-28_0007 2014-04-28_0008 2014-04-28_0009

Nothing sweeter than their 3 children walking down the aisle…  ❤2014-04-28_0010

This moment captured by my 2nd photographer between Cindy & her father just before the curtain opened & she walked the aisle to her awaiting groom was so precious!  Probably one of my favorites!2014-04-28_0011 2014-04-28_0012

The 100 year old hardwood floors of the Bianca Room at Tre Bella make for such a gorgeous ceremony image!2014-04-28_0013 2014-04-28_0014

Such a handsome groom!  2014-04-28_0015

And a stunning bride!2014-04-28_0016

2014-04-28_0017 2014-04-28_0018 2014-04-28_0019

And of course the various alleys around Tre Bella offer their own stunning beauty.2014-04-28_0020 2014-04-28_0021 2014-04-28_0022 2014-04-28_0023 2014-04-28_0024 2014-04-28_0025 2014-04-28_0026

Perhaps my favorite event of the entire day was that of Joseph surprising his oldest daughter with a dance.  So much love & emotion!  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the whole place-mine included!2014-04-28_0027 2014-04-28_0028 2014-04-28_0029 2014-04-28_0030

Cindy & Joseph it was truly a special day for me working with you & your family & friends.  i wish you all the joy & blessings a marriage brings!  Take care of each other with love & laughter.

The talents that brought this together:
venue: Tre Bella Wedding & Events
officiant: Dr Wayne Evans
dress: David’s Bridal
florals: Blume Events
caterer: Jacs Catering
baker: Phoenix Cake Co
makeup: Michelle White