Jenni + Robert :: wedding story


Jenni & Robert have been together over 4 years after meeting in a bar that Robert worked at.  Robert’s ow the handyman that brings home the bacon & Jenni stays home raising their amazing little family.  The story gets a little shady from there as Jenni’s under the assumption Robert fell in love with her, but the way he treats her daughters & the respect Robert has for her son makes me think it might be the other way around.  Add to the mix their absolutely precious youngest daughter, Charlotte & you’ve got the most beautiful blended family!  Love these guys!!

Here’s their story


This wedding wouldn’t be complete without all the simple touches of Jenni & Robert’s personalities shining through.  Like the custom Converse.  ❤2014-05-02_0002

Jenni & her bridesmaids spent countless hours putting together their stunning floral bouquets.  Simply stunning!

2014-05-02_0003 2014-05-02_0004 2014-05-02_0005 2014-05-02_0006 2014-05-02_0007 2014-05-02_0008 2014-05-02_0009

Though they didn’t see each other before the wedding,  moment to reflect & pray together was a stressed importance when we planned beforehand.  I think this might’ve been my favorite part of their day.  Love this!!!2014-05-02_0010 2014-05-02_0011 2014-05-02_0012 2014-05-02_0013 2014-05-02_0014 2014-05-02_0015 2014-05-02_0016 2014-05-02_0017

Instead of pedals, Jenni’s flower girls dressed the aisle with glitter!  So perfect!2014-05-02_0018 2014-05-02_0019 2014-05-02_0020

Yep.  Robert cracked first…  🙂2014-05-02_0021 2014-05-02_0022 2014-05-02_0023 2014-05-02_0024 2014-05-02_0025The beautiful Morelos family!2014-05-02_0026 2014-05-02_0027 2014-05-02_0028 2014-05-02_0029 2014-05-02_0030 2014-05-02_0031 2014-05-02_0032I had no problem getting Robert to open up or the camera…  Maybe too much…  

I know I’ve already said it but, I had so much fun with these guys!!
2014-05-02_0033 2014-05-02_0034

Their reception was simply stunning.  Jenni ran with Tre Bella’s simple elegance & added a vintage theme with modern flare.  Soft pink & white roses with baby’s breath, gold painted Kerr jars atop vintage encyclopedias, birdcages, burlap & lace… It was perfect.2014-05-02_0035 2014-05-02_0036 2014-05-02_0037 2014-05-02_0038 2014-05-02_0039 2014-05-02_0040

Their cake crafted by Phoenix Cake Company matched the doer so perfectly, don’t you think?2014-05-02_0041 2014-05-02_0042 2014-05-02_0043

The night wouldn’t be complete without some images captured with the vintage Cinderella wall.  What a great night!!2014-05-02_0044 2014-05-02_0045 2014-05-02_0046

Robert, Jenni, Dilan, Trinity, Tatum, & Charlotte…  You all are amazing!  Thank you so much for the pleasure of letting me in to your little world for a while.  You’re fantastic!!


The talents that brought this together:
venue: Tre Bella Wedding & Events
officiant: Lu Crawford
dress: AZ Bridal
florals: Blume Events
caterer: Jacs Catering
baker: Phoenix Cake Co
hair: Emma of Tony & Guy