Sarah + Justin :: wedding story


Sarah & Justin’s ‘thing’ is Halloween.  Though they’ve known of each other since middle school, they actually didn’t reconnect till later in life at a halloween party.  How fun!  Justin confesses he loves to be photographed as well as spend time out on the ocean sailing.  Sarah loves to read & craft.  Much of the wedding decor, in fact, was adorned with glitter as she loves all things that sparkle.  Sarah’s the vivacious, bubbly personality while Justin comes off as mysterious & reserved.  They compliment each other simply, perfectly.

Here’s their story

2014-05-06_0001 2014-05-06_0002 2014-05-06_0003 2014-05-06_0004

 I loved the classic tux  bow tie of the groom & groomsmen.  So elegant!2014-05-06_0005

The ladies & guymaid looked so elegant in their light pink dresses & suit with the touch of baby’s breath in the bouquets.  The flower girls though, stole the show… Literally.  Wait for the ceremony shots.  🙂2014-05-06_0006

Sarah & Justin told me during our planning process that they actually looked forward to a ‘first look’.  We decided to include the bridal party in it as well to add a little more excitement & life to the photos.  Love!2014-05-06_0007 2014-05-06_0008

Rather than being too formal with the bridal party, we decided to mix it up a bit & goof off.  The weather was splendid, the group was a blast… Why not, right??2014-05-06_0009 2014-05-06_0010 2014-05-06_0011 2014-05-06_0012 2014-05-06_0013 2014-05-06_0014

This shot of one of the flower girls checking in on her auntie’s vows just cracks me up; especially since just moments from now she’ll be having complete meltdown in front of everyone… including, yours truly.  2014-05-06_0015 2014-05-06_0016

Yep.  There it is.  Right down the aisle.  I don’t think I helped her calm down any by photographing it.  🙂  

Alas, the show goes on.2014-05-06_0018 2014-05-06_0019 2014-05-06_0020 2014-05-06_0021

Isn’t Sarah stunning.  And Justin’s Gavin Rosdale swagger just compliments her so much more!  You two are precious!!!2014-05-06_0022 2014-05-06_0023

2014-05-06_0024 2014-05-06_0025 2014-05-06_0026 2014-05-06_0027

Aaaand my favorite shot from the entire day.  So romantic!  SO gorgeous!!  DC Ranch definitely offers the best nooks & crannies for random moments!2014-05-06_0028

Sarah & Justin’s reception was decked out in black & white pinstripe with soft pink & glitter accents.  The candy table boasted everything pink.  Sarah even got super creative by turning an old giant mirror into a chalkboard for her seating chart.  2014-05-06_0029 2014-05-06_0030 2014-05-06_0031 2014-05-06_0032 2014-05-06_0033 2014-05-06_0034 2014-05-06_0035

So not only was this Sarah & Justin’s wedding day, but it also happened to be Justin’s birthday!  Needless to say, the anniversary will never be forgotten.  🙂  Happy Birthday, Justin!2014-05-06_0036 2014-05-06_0037 2014-05-06_0038 2014-05-06_0039 2014-05-06_0040 2014-05-06_0041


Sarah & Justin….  You two are amazing!!  I absolutely loved every moment spent with you & your bridal party & family!  I wish you all the best!  


The talents that brought this together:
ceremony & reception: Regale! Wedding & Receptions
officiant: Larry James
florist : Cactus Flower
hair & makeup: Dolce Salon & Day Spa, Rochelle & Ryan
master of ceremony & DJ: Mark Sanchez of PME
caterer & baker: Put A Fork In It Catering
dress: Wedding Belles Bridal Botique-Gilbert