Shari + Jerry :: wedding story


This wedding story is so unique for me.  I truly don’t even know how to start this post!  So, maybe with Jerry.  And me.  I’ve known Jer since we were about 12 or 13.  He’s one of my best friends.  You know the one; the friend that you can move away & start a new season of life, grow in entirely different directions, & yet still pick up the phone & connect again as if the months & years apart are mere moments instead.  The friend that though there’s 850 miles between you, you can still rejoice in their successes & empathize in their pain as if you were right up the road.  A true friend that time & distance doesn’t matter.  A cherished friendship.  So when Jerry told me he’d met a girl…  And when we joked about how much older she was…  Then we didn’t joke about that anymore because the realization that she was pretty close to my age made it not so funny… And when Jerry wouldn’t shut up about her & how awesome her son was… And yada yada yada (I kid, I kid!!!)….  I knew it would only be a short season before he would take the leap & promise her forever.  And even with that knowledge, I still got choked up when he told me!  Ridiculousness, I tell ya.  🙂

Anyway, enough about me.  More about Shari & Jerry.  And Camron.  And the incredible little family that now is, The Huschers.

Here’s their story


Shari & Jerry were wed at Fox Run Park, near Black Forest, Colorado.  We absolutely lucked out on the weather!  The day of the rehearsal was bleak & cold & the day after, believe it or not, snowed like crazy!  Colorado weather for you.

The formalities of the rehearsal were necessary, for sure.  But I think more than anything, everyone was looking forward to the party afterwards; Jerry is quite the cook & beer brewer!


… Everyone showed up comfortable.  🙂


… & full of character.2014-06-03_00062014-06-03_0007

Since the actual rings were not on hand (I think that’s bad luck anyway!), we improvised.  I understand the shiny red carabiner, but who carries a rubber band around with them??

Literally, I’ve known most of these folks for a couple of hours at this point, but couldn’t have been more comfortable; as if they were my own group of friends.  ❤ ❤2014-06-03_0011
Day of wedding, I started with the guys.  It’s still funny to me how unprepared they were-literally pulling shoes & shirts out of the boxes they were shipped in.  And yet, they pulled it together beautifully, without their wives!  Though, we were lucky to have Jerry’s dad’s girlfriend help iron all the shirts.  🙂2014-06-03_0012 2014-06-03_0013 2014-06-03_0014 2014-06-03_0015 2014-06-03_0016

After the guys, I headed off to the hotel to shoot some details with the ladies.  Funny to find them ironing as well!2014-06-03_0017 2014-06-03_0018 2014-06-03_0019 2014-06-03_0020 2014-06-03_0021

Shari’s niece was absolutely precious!  2014-06-03_0022 2014-06-03_0023

Oh my, the first look…  I know I’ve said it many times before, ut literally, one of my favorite moments at any wedding!  That anticipation & nerves & excitement of seeing her in that gown for the first time….  it’s intoxicating!2014-06-03_0024 2014-06-03_0025 2014-06-03_0026

Jerry’s reaction was priceless!  One of my favorites, though… I may be biased.  🙂2014-06-03_00272014-06-03_0028 2014-06-03_0029 2014-06-03_0030

A cool, overcast day in Colorado makes for gorgeous photos.  Definitely a luxury for this Arizona wedding photographer!2014-06-03_0031 2014-06-03_0032 2014-06-03_0033 2014-06-03_0034 2014-06-03_0035 2014-06-03_0036

This one.  This may be my favorite.  I’m not sure why…  I think because of its candidness & pause in a day of flurry.  Love these two!2014-06-03_0037

Aaaaand, here we go!


Isn’t she just about the cutest flower girl you’ve ever seen?!  She did her part perfectly!  Even paused for the camera!  My kind of girl!
2014-06-03_0039 2014-06-03_0040

Jerry’s excitement was uncontainable.  I think I found myself laughing at him at least 3 times through the ceremony.  🙂2014-06-03_0041 2014-06-03_0042 2014-06-03_0043 2014-06-03_0044 2014-06-03_0045 2014-06-03_0046 2014-06-03_0047

I loved how Jerry & Shari’s ceremony was held in the gazebo overlooking the lake with their guests on the other side.  Though maybe not ideal for guests, made for some amazing photos.  2014-06-03_00482014-06-03_0049 2014-06-03_0050 2014-06-03_0051 2014-06-03_0052 2014-06-03_0053 2014-06-03_0054 2014-06-03_0055 2014-06-03_0056 2014-06-03_0057 2014-06-03_0058

Swoon….  🙂  ❤2014-06-03_0059 2014-06-03_0060 2014-06-03_0061 2014-06-03_0062 2014-06-03_0063 2014-06-03_0064 2014-06-03_0065 2014-06-03_0066 2014-06-03_0067 2014-06-03_0068

Jer was super quick with the cake in the face….2014-06-03_0069

Shari straightened him out though.2014-06-03_0070 2014-06-03_0071 2014-06-03_0072 2014-06-03_0073

My trip would not be complete without my own photos with bride & groom.  Don’t mind the 10+ hour frazzled & haired look of the photographer.  🙂
2014-06-03_0074 2014-06-03_0075

Aaand, a little off subject, but here’s an absolutely hilarious shot of my son & the precious flower girl.  Just moments before this image, we all were encouraging them to dance together.  My son proceeded to run off the dance floor as quick his little legs could carry him to go grab his new truck & show it off to his dance partner.  He hasn’t quite mastered the skill of flirting, I’d say.  🙂  He’s totally his father’s son!2014-06-03_0076 2014-06-03_0077 2014-06-03_0078 2014-06-03_0079

Jer, Shari & Camron….  words cannot express how much you mean to me.  Shari & Camron, I love you guys so much & I’m so glad Jerry has you.  He’s become SUCH an amazing man & the thanks belongs to the both of you.  I’m so honored to have been such an important part of your wedding story!  Thank you for letting me tell it through my lens!  I love you all, wish you the best, & may God bless you abundantly!