Horowitz :: Family session 2014


I spent an awesomely hot evening a couple weeks back with the Horowitz family.  We had so much fun sweating it out & goofing off that it was hard to just take ‘normal’ photos.  So much personality in these people!

2014-06-13_0003 2014-06-13_0005

Ashleigh – the oldest of the 3 Horowitz kids – is off to the U of A this August, hence, the rush to get out there & get some new family photos!  Waiting till just before sunset helped not only in keeping us out of the blistering Arizona heat, but also in capturing that ‘magical’ hour us photographers dream of.  
2014-06-13_0006 2014-06-13_0007 2014-06-13_0002

While yes, we did make sure to capture some traditional shots, I feel like these images of the group were my favorite as it captured them, well, just being them!  I really didn’t have to work too hard in directing.  🙂2014-06-13_0008 2014-06-13_0009 2014-06-13_0001 2014-06-13_0004 2014-06-13_0011 2014-06-13_0010 2014-06-13_0012 2014-06-13_0013 2014-06-13_0014 2014-06-13_0015 2014-06-13_0016

I love throwing out the occasional curve ball; no one expects it seems that they’re going to have to sit on the ground (come again?) for a family photo.  And though there was a grumble or two about it – ahem, Bruce – I think this ended up being my favorite shot of the entire family.  ❤

And literally fem here on out, I’m just snapping away at the general shenanigans…  🙂2014-06-13_0018 2014-06-13_0019 2014-06-13_0020 2014-06-13_0021 2014-06-13_0022 2014-06-13_0023