Christina + Nick :: wedding story


“What do you love about each other?”  Some of my favorite responses come from that question.  Some of the most honest & endearing answers too.  You know what Christina & Nick said?  Christina loves his level headed personality.  How he takes care of her & their sons.  How he makes her feel safe.  Nick loves her sense of humor & laugh.  Her smile.  How he feels empty without her.  ❤

Christina is the soccer mom now head over heels in love with the Star Wars nerd.  Together they manage to balance life with two amazing, vivacious little boys, careers, & family whilst maintaining a shared sense of humor & deep adoration for each other.  They’re simply, beautiful.

Here’s their story

2014-08-05_0001 2014-08-05_0002 2014-08-05_0003 2014-08-05_0004

Working with Christina & Nick, the first thing that stood out to me when meeting them – after noticing how dapper their boys were dressed, of course – was her hair.  Christina has the most gorgeous head of hair!  I love that she truly accented it in simplicity.  Less is more.2014-08-05_0005 2014-08-05_0006 2014-08-05_0007 2014-08-05_0008 2014-08-05_0009 2014-08-05_0010 2014-08-05_0011 2014-08-05_0012 2014-08-05_0013

See, there it is!  The Star Wars nerd….  Look closely.2014-08-05_0014 2014-08-05_0015

Ahhhhh…. the moments before the First Look!  2014-08-05_0016 2014-08-05_0017

I have to say, the Bianca Room of Tre Bella was dressed in such a way as to draw one’s eye – & a photographer’s desire, to shoot no place else other than in front of the gorgeous bistro lights.  What a gorgeous accent!2014-08-05_0018 2014-08-05_0019 2014-08-05_0020 2014-08-05_0021

## SWOON ##2014-08-05_0022 2014-08-05_0023 2014-08-05_0024 2014-08-05_0025 2014-08-05_0026

The ceremony was something special; not only did the groom’s father perform the ceremony, but Christina’s & Nick’s sons were also front & center & a part of the entire uniting as well.  I loved some of the candid moments captured of them as – to be honest – a little bit of boredom took over…  Hey, it’s hard to be young sometimes!  All in all, they did pretty awesome.2014-08-05_0027 2014-08-05_0028 2014-08-05_0029 2014-08-05_0030 2014-08-05_0031 2014-08-05_0032

LOVED this moment!  Reflecting back on the moment, it was just a moment of them goofing off together a bit during prayer, but it will e remembered as a tender moment between these new brothers!  TOO CUTE!2014-08-05_0033 2014-08-05_0034 2014-08-05_0035 2014-08-05_0036 2014-08-05_0037 2014-08-05_0038 2014-08-05_0039 2014-08-05_0040 2014-08-05_0041

Holy moly, Christina!  You’re so stunning!!!
2014-08-05_0042 2014-08-05_0043

Nick cleans up pretty good too, right!  2014-08-05_0044 2014-08-05_0045 2014-08-05_0046 2014-08-05_0047 2014-08-05_0048 2014-08-05_0049 2014-08-05_0050 2014-08-05_0051 2014-08-05_0052 2014-08-05_0053 2014-08-05_0054 2014-08-05_0055 2014-08-05_0056 2014-08-05_0057 2014-08-05_0058 2014-08-05_0059 2014-08-05_0060 2014-08-05_0061

Nick & Christina, you guys are simply amazing.  I’ve loved every moment I’ve had with you & I hope we continue to find excuses to work together in the future!  Be blessed!!

for a quick peek at Christina & Nick’s engagement session, click here.

The talents that brought this together:
venue: Tre Bella Wedding & Events
officiant: Andy Griggs
florals: The Production Pros
caterer: Jacs Catering
baker: Phoenix Cake Co