Cyrena + Kirt :: reception story


Being a part of a momentous occasion, such as a wedding, is an honor for me.  No matter if it’s someone I’ve meet mere weeks before their day… or someone I’ve known & worked with for years & become friends with… As in the case of Cyrena.  So when earlier this year she contacted me about her August Reception & we started planning the photography (I honestly was vying for the trip to Hawaii in June to photograph the wedding!) I was more than honored; I was humbled.  Working with Cyrena & Kirt & their families has been such a simply joy in my life.  They are the most amazing people!

 I’m blessed to be able to tell this story.


Cyrena & Kirt held their Reception at the Historic Fruit Packing House in Sahuaro Ranch Park.  For the really cool, historical story on Sahuaro Ranch Park, head over here.


The beautiful details of the Brais reception were perfect.  Beautiful burlap accented with gold & peach.  LOVE!2014-08-15_0003 2014-08-15_0004 2014-08-15_0005

The candy table was irresistible.  From the first guest, it was a huge hit!2014-08-15_0006 2014-08-15_0007 2014-08-15_0008 2014-08-15_0009

Though we didn’t have much time for formals of the gorgeous bride & groom, we snuck a few moments to take advantage of the beautiful interior of the Fruit Packing House.  It’s amazing the opportunities present themselves in such simple elegance.2014-08-15_0010 2014-08-15_0011 2014-08-15_0012 2014-08-15_0013 2014-08-15_0014 2014-08-15_0015 2014-08-15_0016 2014-08-15_0017 2014-08-15_0018 2014-08-15_0019 2014-08-15_0020 2014-08-15_0021 2014-08-15_0022 2014-08-15_0023 2014-08-15_0024 2014-08-15_0025 2014-08-15_0026 2014-08-15_0027 2014-08-15_0028

Oh, these two!  How I adore them!  Cyrena’s now a beautiful wife & Gabriel’s on his way to his own senior photo session!  How time flies….. 2014-08-15_0029 2014-08-15_0030 2014-08-15_0031 2014-08-15_0032 2014-08-15_0033 2014-08-15_0034

Can you believe it; Cyrena actually made her own cakes!  Isn’t it stunning?!  Such talent!2014-08-15_0035 2014-08-15_0036 2014-08-15_0037 2014-08-15_0038

Such a beautiful girl!  Love that I’ve been able to spend some cherished times, watching her & her brother grow up & spend some of the most important moments of their lives behind the camera!  ❤ them!!!


Mr. & Mrs. Brais….  SUCH a beautiful couple you make!  I’m so proud of the both of you & can’t wait to start photographing the next milestones!!!!  😉  Be blessed!

for a quick peek at Cyrena & Kirt’s engagement session, click here.