About Me

Hello.  I’m Alli.  I’m a Christian.  A wife.  A mother.  And a photographer… among many other things.

I love being a professional photographer.  Of all the things I could’ve done & all the things I have done (including a terrible 5 hour experience selling miscellaneous crap storefront to storefront in a less-than safe part of Colorado Springs) I can’t imagine anything cooler & more fitting for me.  I get to spend some of the most important moments with my clients telling their stories for the world to hear!  (insert Keanu Reeves’ voice) *Whoa!*

But of course, I’m not always the vivaciously-driven, occasionally cheesy photographer. When I do have time off & our family time does come together, I spend as much of it as possible with my husband of almost 7 years & our precious little two year old son.  We generally find ourselves in the desert with family & friends in our jeep, soaking in every last ounce of the outdoors together that we can.  Or, if we’re stuck in the middle of a typical Phoenix summer, we’re indoors with our very independent Husky named Meeka (Princess would be more fitting) & an ever-playful Malamute we call Mazy.

Other than that, my favorite movie of all time is Pride & Prejudice (2005) & I steal away in Stephen King novels as often as I can.  My favorite sport is football but if my son were to ever have any desire toward playing it, I’d steer him towards something a little less impactful… like golf!  I love my quiet time in the morning in my bible before the daily routines start, but find it difficult to stay in that one routine because once my brain is on, it seems to be steaming toward my To Do list. I’m crazy, ridiculously obsessed with clean eating & juicing & am thrilled that my husband & son enjoy this ride as well (to be honest, I’ve shared some rather funky raw meals & juices with them & they still stick with it!).

So that’s me in my nutshell!  Shall we chat about you now?  Perhaps over coffee??